Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Graduation Week.....

Went to AZ for Brennon's Graduation. and got to enjoy being with them for a few days. Gentry trying on the goofy glasses.

Our friends from Lehi, Dave and Lauri Stitcher moved into Chris' ward and Wylene had invited them over for dinner so we could visit and get caught up. We talked so long their boys fell asleep.It was so fun. Thanks Chris and Wylene for thinking of us.

Courtney and her friend Lexie Flake. They are so fun and crazy, but on track, and CTR!

Stopped to see how the Gilbert Temple was coming. Not a lot. But they had all the youth in the area write on a rock, their names and a goal. and they put them in the floor of the temple before pouring the cement. They youth will always be a part of the temple. Great idea!!

This is the cake Wylene made for Brennon's graduation. She is awesome!!!